Glendale, California

Research study for people with high cholesterol

California Clinical Trials Medical Group managed by Parexel, located in Glendale, CA is currently seeking patients diagnosed with high cholesterol to participate in a clinical trial that requires taking an investigational drug or placebo.

This study may be appropriate for those who meet the following criteria:
- Males and females that are unable to become pregnant
- Between the ages of 18 - 65

If you qualify, the study may involve:
- 1 pre-screening visit
- 2 screening visits
- 2 admissions
* 4 days/ 3 nights followed by 6 follow-up visits
* 4 days/ 3 nights followed by 8 follow-up visits

As compensation for your time and travel, you may receive up to $8,700.00 if you are eligible for the study.

Parexel International
1560 E. Chevy Chase Suite 140, Glendale, California, 91206

California Clinical Trials Medical Group
Managed by Parexel

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