Los Angeles, CA


Learn about a clinical research study evaluating an oral investigational medication for people living with HIV-1.


If you qualify and decide to participate:

- Participation is voluntary, and you are free to withdraw at any time. Your privacy will be maintained throughout the study
- There is no cost to participate, and you will receive all investigational medication and study-related doctor visits for the length of your participation at no charge
- Your HIV and overall health will be closely monitored by an experienced HIV study team
- Your participation may help to advance medical knowledge about HIV and may help others

Additional potential risks and benefits of participation will be fully described by your study team.

You may be eligible to join the study if you weigh at least 78lbs (35 kg), have been diagnosed with and treated for HIV-1 infection but your viral levels are no longer suppressed. The study doctor and staff can provide you with information about requirements for participation.

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