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Does Endometriosis Pain Impact You?

If you experience moderate-to-severe pain caused by endometriosis and have had a surgical diagnosis for your endometriosis, learn more about the elaris EM-COC Study.

The elaris EM-COC Study is evaluating whether the study medication, when taken together with an approved birth control pill, may reduce moderate-to-severe endometriosis pain.

You may qualify, if you:
- Are a premenopausal woman, 18 to 49 years old
- Have had a surgical diagnosis of endometriosis
- Have moderate-to-severe endometriosis pain
- Do not use nicotine or have a history of smoking (if 33 years or older)
- Are not pregnant, actively trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding
- Do not have hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or other liver disease
- Do not have osteoporosis (thinning, weak bones) or any other bone disease

Participants in the elaris EM-COC Study will:
- Receive all study-related care, the oral study medication, and non-hormonal birth control supplies at no cost
- Be monitored closely by an experienced study physician and medical staff
- Be able to discuss your endometriosis pain and learn more about the condition
- Help advance medical knowledge about using the study medication for endometriosis pain when taken with an oral contraceptive pill

Contact your local site at:

Investigator Research Group, LLC
321 East Northfield Drive
Brownsburg, IN 46112

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